Al Sanchez meets with Senator Joel Anderson

Senator_Joel_Anderson copy

State Senator Joel Anderson of District 38 visited citizens from Lemon Grove and nearby cities on Thursday, June 23rd.  Senator Anderson has periodic after-dinner Coffees where the citizens have a chance to voice their opinions concerning their community and the pressing issues that stunt economic growth and prosperity.

Al Sanchez, COO, Founder and President of ALECTRONICS Research Center International had a chance to discuss the planned 1ARC ePark Place Project with him briefly and his reaction was positive, calling his staff member to contact Al in the near future for additional information.  District Representative Collin Hoyos mentioned from what he heard so far, this project needed recognition for it’s forwarding thinking solution to ever dwindling public school budgets and the removal of Arts and Music.  Representative Hoyos said that he would be working on getting 1ARC a Letter of Recommendation for our continued efforts to bring these Public Use Educational Facilities to fruition.

Here is State Senator Joel Anderson and Al Sanchez discussing the 1ARC ePark Place Project and it’s strategic planned location in San Marcos, California.  State Senator Joel Anderson will be hosting another “Coffee With The Senator” in San Marcos, in the Fall.



144 thoughts on “Al Sanchez meets with Senator Joel Anderson

  1. Al,
    So nice to see your progress steam forward in this terrific endeavor. Kids need more interesting and productive opportunities than our education system can give.

    1. Thanks Marko. We’re eSTEAMing ahead and appreciate your thoughts and support. We’re working on a Newsletter that will keep our donors informed to our progress. Our 1ARC Newsletter will be rolled out soon.

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