Full Heart

ALECTRONICS Research Center International, Inc. (1ARC.org) has been in operation here in Carlsbad since 2002. Since our move to the Village of Carlsbad, we figured out what project would be most beneficial to the citizens and businesses of Carlsbad and South Oceanside. Because education is 1ARCs foremost priority, we came up with a grand project that spans a diverse range of activities and HELP- Hands-on Experiential Learning Programs for students in Grades 8-12 and beyond. However, students in Grades 3-7 will also have a chance to participate in the project.

Our solution is to build a Public Broadcasting Edutainmentology Station (PBES). Before we broadcast over an HDTV cable channel, the first step is to get our unique content Over-The-Air using the most economical means possible. With our communications experience, we decided to build a Low Power FM (LPFM) radio station in Carlsbad, California. What would our content consist of? What themes would we incorporate to develop the foundation of the PBES? For over a year now, 1ARC has been researching which areas of interest to focus on.

The K1ARC (KONE ARC) Theme Chart shows the seventeen (17) themes or departments within the Heart of our Public Broadcasting Edutainmentology™ Station (PBES). Our proposed K1ARC Radio Station and worldwide podcast library is the first part of the PBES network communications infrastructure