The People Behind 1ARC

  • Andrew Blume, CEO

    Andrew’s lifelong vision has been to be of service in assisting people toward personal sovereignty and sustainable interdependence with the ultimate goal being global wellness. With the shock that rattled and changed the world after the tragedy of

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  • Albert Sanchez, Jr., Founder

    I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in La Puente, California, in a barrio called Little Basset. This area, even to this day, is the most gang-infested suburb in Los Angeles County. In spite of my environment, my parents were able to provide positiv

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  • Sally Jordan, Director of Education

    I have been involved with 1ARC and its varied projects for five years. It is not surprising that I would be enthusiastic and committed to the development of 1ARC ePark Place. As you view my bio and background information, you will see how I have be

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  • Brian Neubauer

    Brian Neubauer, aka “Biner”, joined the 1ARC family in 2004. He has many gifts and talents including painting, modeling, and set design & construction. He also designs and creates costumes and has used his talents in many TV and film projec

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  • Steve Easley

    Steve Easley founded The Stonelyn Group after years of entrepreneurial success and experience working on various community projects in San Diego’s 2nd and 4th districts. He and his partners have created a Holding Company that will own and operate t

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  • Penny Rielly

    Currently a Financial Advisor with Sterling Wealth Strategies Penn Mutual—helping others to create wealth, reduce their tax burden, retire well, and protect themselves and their families with financial strategies. I hold a degree in Corporate Finan

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