Two years before ALECTRONICS started; at age 17, COO, Albert Sanchez, Jr., submitted a patent application for Controlling Signals for Emergency Vehicle Operation.  Currently, Traffic Signals are changed for emergency vehicles using high-power strobe lights as the transmitters on the emergency vehicles and sensor receivers on the signals.  Mr. Sanchez proposed in his Patent Application to use an RF Transmitter on the vehicle and RF Receiver on the Signal Controller Box to trigger the change of the signals.

ALECTRONICS first started in West Covina, California in 1975 by COO, Albert Sanchez, Jr.  Albert started his first successful TV and VCR Service Center which was a sole-proprietorship, owner/operated start-up business which his parents helped to finance.  Several years later that endeavor closed but, eventually expanded into a Point-Of-Sale Computer Systems for small businesses in 1978 with his colleague, Dr. Eric Nansen.  Dr. Nansen was also developing personal computers for businesses using 8080 processors like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  Dr. Nansen and Mr. Sanchez worked together to build a small computer company back in the late ‘70’s before computers were commonly used.

ALECTRONICS Scientific Research Foundation (ASRF) began in 1996 in Tucson, AZ by Albert Sanchez, Jr. to educate under-served students on the Tohono O’odham and Pasqua Yaqui American Indian Reservations in the South Tucson Region of Arizona.  ASRF participated in the 1st Annual Tohono O’odham Education Conference and the Tucson Unified School District’s 4R For Education Series where business leaders came in to Tucson High School Freshmen to discuss running a business and being an entrepreneur.  During that same time period, ASRF researched and developed a new and innovative Light Emitted Diode Medical Device named the “Native Ray”.  The Native Ray was capable of rapidly healing wounds, activating Chakras and relieving pain on humans and animals. Mr. Sanchez met with Dr. Micheal Alberts the University of Arizona, Tucson.  He expressed the need for Double-Blind research to expand this new Photo Dynamic Therapeutic field.

ALECTRONICS Research Center International was founded by Mr. Sanchez, Jr. and Co-Founded by Dr. Robert L. Mason and Ms. Dorothy Barnell in August 2000.  In January 2002, ALECTRONICS Research Center International was issued their Federal Tax Exemption (EIN 01-0692219).  Their filing for a Public Benefit Corporation in the State of California was approved and registered in 2002.  A website  Webhighlights.org, was developed that interacted with families and friends several years before Facebook rolled out.

For many years thereafter, ARC- ALECTRONICS Research Center Int’l. operated.  By 2007, many calls were coming in looking for the ARC of San Diego and other related ARC calls.  At that time, ARC found out that literally thousands of ARCs were in Southern California and from a branding standpoint they needed to distance themselves away from the other ARCs.  So, 1ARC was chosen as their brand and has been for over 10 years now.  1ARC is still ALECTRONICS Research Center International and has been since 2002.

1ARC.org started off into the research of K-12 Education and how their Kidcentric Curricula could integrate with the existing public school curricula.  They also developed edutainmentology where they blend Education, Entertainment and Technology in a fun learning environment.  In mid Two-Thousand, 1ARC began to expand their Board of Directors.  Some additional, key Veterans’ signed-on and offered their assistance and wisdom.  In 2008, 1ARC expanded it’s Mission to include Veterans and their plight.

Over time, 1ARC has sharpened their focus on helping Under-served Students, Veterans and Our Environment  in Southern California