Albert Sanchez, Jr., Founder

alpix08dI was born in Los Angeles and grew up in La Puente, California, in a barrio called Little Basset. This area, even to this day, is the most gang-infested suburb in Los Angeles County. In spite of my environment, my parents were able to provide positive surroundings, which gave me the drive to start my first business at the age of eight. Three paper routes, Cub and Boy Scouts, Piano at the San Gabriel Valley Conservatory of Music, and Little League kept me going during those younger years up until High School. During High School at West Covina, I developed an understanding of electronics while assisting my teachers and serving as head technician at California Electronic Service. I spent some time pumping gas at my friend’s Texaco station. I acquired several photography awards as a freelance press photographer for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, publishing (7) front-page photos.

At seventeen years of age, I enrolled in the Electrical/Electronic Engineering (EEE) Program at California Polytechnic University in Pomona. During that time, I had the opportunity to play baseball under the direction of a great coach, Anthony Scalinos, who coached the l984 U.S. Olympic Baseball Team. As a pitcher, he taught me the “stuff to make it in the bigs” with the prosif I really wanted to. The University of Tulsa offered me a full sports scholarship in baseball, which I turned down in order to continue playing for coach Scalinos and attend my hometown University, Cal Poly. Cal Poly University had an excellent Business Administration program and I minored in that field. Soon I became more interested in my business classes and I let my baseball future go.

The following year I was afforded an opportunity to work for Hughes Aircraft Company, Ground Systems Group, in Orange County, California. My father set-up an interview for me, and I was soon hired as a student engineer. I worked for the aerospace giant for nearly twenty years. My last position as a Government Property Administrator allowed me to learn about the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), commonly used in all government procurement contracts. Other major responsibilities included the Communications System Division capital appropriations budget, averaging around l0 million dollars annually, and the on-going negotiation and issuance of department budgets.

All of that responsibility brought on a commensurate annual salary, nice homes, and fancy cars, but also brought on extraordinary stress and a sick feeling due to being caught up in a material world rather than a spiritual one. With the restructuring of Hughes by General Motors, I had an opportunity to save an associate’s job by requesting a layoff. I took the layoff with the severance package that was offered and began my own quest seeking guidance and strength from the Creator toward a new direction and lifestyle change. I had the faith that I would be guided every step of the way, so I followed my intuition. Just before leaving Hughes Aircraft, I entered a logo design contest for the City of La Habra’s Recycling program and was awarded a Proclamation from the Mayor of La Habra.

Several months after leaving Hughes, I began traveling the Southwestern United States, searching for my purpose. The Creator lead me to an Indian reservation; the San Xavier District of the Tohono O’odham Nation in Tucson, Arizona. At that time, I did not know anyone on that reservation, but trusted that the Creator knew what she was doing. I eventually made a friend that knew someone on the reservation and was invited to meet another family member several weeks later. I lived with my people on the reservation in an Airstream travel trailer for nearly three years and was eventually adopted by an original O’odham family member. My great-grandmother on my mother’s side was a Cabazon and Cahuilla Indian. My Uncle Ben attended a Cabazon Indian School in San Bernardino, California, and my Uncle Art says I have some Yaqui blood in me from the town of Guaymas, Mexico. I always thought that I had some Yaqui blood in me. After several past attempts to trace my roots with no success, I stopped trying. It wasn’t until sometime later that my birth Mom told me that I was correct I am part Pascua Yaqui. She had discovered that, according to old family records, her Great Grandmother, Mrs. Lucy Rogue, was a Pascau Yaqui Indian. While living on the Tohono O’odham reservation, I was only 5 miles from my tribal roots, the Pascua Yaqui reservation (Rez). It’s interesting to look back and realize that I did not yet know my true lineage, but every Christmas I had picked-up and delivered over 300 toys and baby supplies to needy families on the Tohono and Yaqui reservations. These supplies had been donated by both the Walking Shield American Indian Society in Orange County, California, and my friends from Hughes Aircraft Company in Fullerton, California. Each year many of my former fellow workers donated their Christmas turkey gift cards and clothes to my new relatives on the reservation. I’ll always be very grateful for the unconditional love and generosity exhibited by my fellow workers.

While living on the Rez in Tucson, I conducted additional research in the field of low-cost home building, using a special adobe formula. I assisted the Pascua Yaqui Tribe by showing them this unique alternative Orozco adobe formula and Dip and Stack methods similar to concrete block techniques. These methods increase the rate of construction and ease the overall building process. My knowledge of adobe and its characteristics were received from from a Yaqui elder, Mr. Fernando Orozco, from Green Valley, Arizona. He worked for nearly half a century designing the strongest, water resistant, longest lasting, adobe block on the planet. Before Mr. Orozco passed on, I promised to pass his techniques and accomplishments on to the world. In 1995, Ric Montiel from the Pascua Yaqui Adobe Company in Tucson, Arizona, allowed me to demonstrate the new Orozco Adobe formulas to his staff. Habitat For Humanity and the Indian Nations Development Project have shown great interest in both Orozco methods. Mr. Al Butler, from the White Buffalo Council, also expressed the desire to build new housing on the reservations throughout North America, utilizing the Orozco building methods.

In 1996, while still on the Rez in Tucson, I founded another Division of ALECTRONICSa non-profit Scientific Research Foundation. ALECTRONICS is an acronym for: A Learning Environment Created To Revitalize Our Natural Intuitive Creator-like Subconscious simultaneous knowingness. Besides conducting research and developing new products, our aim at that time was to assist the Native American adolescent and at-risk youth of poverty-stricken reservation lands by creating a vision for their future through PC-equipped, accelerated learning centers. With my computer systems background and network of highly qualified human resources, we planned to write and utilize special interactive software programs for educating students and at-risk adults on the Rez.

As CEO and Founder of ALECTRONICS, I donated my services to the First Annual Tohono O’odham Youth Conference in San Simon, AZ helping students in grades 3 to 8 read and learn mathematics and science. I was also involved in contracting the C-SPAN School bus to visit two schools in South Tucson. Through my persistence over a year of negotiations with C-SPAN, and with the help and cooperation of Norm Begody, Shirley Kaiser (TUSD 4TH R Program), Dr. Lorraine Richardson from Pueblo High School, the C-SPAN staff drove the C-SPAN School Bus to those schools. These visitations presented career possibilities in the fields of media and communications, while demonstrating the features of a mobile broadcast studio for the C-SPAN television production, “On the Road with the C-SPAN School Bus”. The C-SPAN staff stressed the importance of participating in our political process and expressing one’s individual voice by voting for a candidate that represents ones own morals and values

In 1997, I left Arizona and moved back to Southern California. I moved to Carlsbad, California, and believe that I’m here to stay. Since my arrival, I’ve assisted some 2nd grade students at Alvin Dunn Elementary School in San Marcos, California. It made sense that sharing between cultures by telling stories of the reservation may help prepare the students for life in the “grown-up” world and help them realize the need for all peoples, regardless of race, to communicate and get along with one-another. While volunteering there, I also participated in other activities: individual one on one reading, special tutoring, proctoring during the SAT 9 testing, and playing with the students at recess. Talking with the students about technology and showing them my inventions seemed to stimulate a lot of interest and participation. I love working with the inner creativeness of people, especially kids.

In late 2000, ALECTRONICS began its involvement with the restoration and economic development of the Government of the Katalla-Chilkat Tlingit people of the North Gulf Coast of Alaska. I worked to help them understand that by utilizing their lands and waterways, economic development could begin and commerce and infrastructure would stimulate that suppressed region of North America. This activity is no longer active, and the Katalla-Chilkat Tlingit people have found another source of guidance. ARC International wishes them well.

In the Fall of 2001 I began using my computer expertise to help others in the high-tech field of PCs and the world wide web. Back in the late 70’s, Dr. Eric Nansen and I had begun to develop and build computer systems using the old 8080 microprocessor. This was right around the time Bill Gates was dabbling around in his garage. PCs and small business systems were not yet available, and our peers thought that we had a chance to manufacture personal computer systems for small and medium sized businesses. The difference between Gates and usAPL (Applied Processor Labs, a Nansen/Sanchez Desktop Computer Company), was that Gates had the tenacity and business savy which resulted in his financial backing. We didn’t have the startup capital, and that was ok since we still had a very promising future ahead of us at Hughes. To this day, our peers remaining at Hughes, now owned by Boeing and Raytheon, still consider us pioneers in the small business/desktop computer industry. I’ve always considered it as just another step in my process of learning here on Mother Earth. I’ve been blessed with having the foresight to know what’s going to be needed in the future, and I’m grateful.

In August 2001, I thought of a way to highlight students’ school achievements by featuring them on the world wide web. That’s when, our first website, was developed. This was a Charitable function of ARC that provided a web page for kids to display something good they had done in schoollike a Spelling Test, Math Test, or perfect attendance. Just CLICK HERE to see some students utilizing our service. My belief was that I could be of assistance to those lacking computer skills. I helped several set up email accounts and provide some web space for some individuals to display their photos, personal achievements, including whatever else they wanted to post within good taste. Webhighlights was developed and maintained through the subsequent years and provided numerous and various news, educational, inspirational, health and artistic links.

My current devotion and passion is working as Chief Operations Officer of ALECTRONICS Research Center International, Inc.- ARC. ARC’s diverse Board of Directors and Staff Personnel allow us to be Charitable, Scientific, and Educational. It has been of great benefit to group all of my endeavors under a Nonprofit Public Operating Foundation Corporation. As you view the various links on ARC’s website, you will see what we’ve been doing in the areas of education, food, health, energy sustainability, environment, and spiritual development.

ARC is designing alternative energy systems that contribute to healing and sustaining our planet. Fifteen years ago I designed and built an alternative photonic healing prototype medical device called the Native Ray Sunlight Simulator VII (NRSS 7). The NRSS 7 has been used for a myriad of health issues.

In the field of Education, it’s vital to nurture the creativity and growing intelligence of our youth, especially those underserved. ARC has begun designing a high-tech Kidcentric Curricula® learning software program that will tap into and develop the innate gifts of our youth. Once this unique Kidcentric Curricula® software is tested and completed; the final version delivered for the main computer system to support the brains and IT infrastructure for the ARCePark™ which is described below.

In the field of sustainability, I’ve designed an Organic Production Facility for Alcorn State University in Mississippi (ASU), Research, Extension, Applied Sciences (AREAS) which is capable of growing organic foods year round in harsh environments. This super structure, called the ARC ASU AREAS Agri-thermosphere, can also withstand hurricane strength winds up to 150 mph. Just recently, ARC has entered into a strategic partnership with a Green manufacturer in the U.S. to produce a safe and natural deodorizer- “Safe Enough for Babies. Children and Pets” called “8 Odor”. I’m gearing up for a first quarter 2011 rollout.

There are many projects underway for ARC. However, still to be realized, is the ultimate dream and goal I have held since I was a kid. That dream is to build a place like Disneyland: where kids can have fun while learning technology, engineering, mathematics, science and more. In August, 2010, I attended Supreme Master TV’s 4th Anniversary “Gifting Peace” Concert. This production and the people/staff involved are an example of what can manifest when people are inspired by love and humanitarian ideals. Please check them out on YouTube. Presently, I’m searching for like-minded people and organizations such as this with whom to interface… and finally to create a sensational, high-tech, educational learning/activity center. I have a detailed design and plan available on the web, “The ARCePark™”. This center will allow all to be exposed to the myriad of possibilities available for moving our earth and people toward the transformation we desperately need at this crucial time in history. I also conduct Full Moon Sacred Fire Ceremonies each month in Carlsbad. In the process of joining these groups of dedicated individuals, we seek to expand our awareness of unconditional love and compassion during these critical times of human evolution.