1ARC ePark Place

1ARC ePark Place is the first-of-its-kind, innovative, 21st Century, public use educational facility that blends edutainmentology™ (education, entertainment and technology) + STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) = eSTEAM. This proposed eSTEAM facility provides the ideal landscape for under-served students in Grades K-12.

1ARC ePark Place includes the following:Model

  • 570 Seat Open Amphitheater

  • Enclosed Theater / Thrust Stage

  • 3,600 SF Recording Studio

  • (2) 1,000 SF Rehearsal Studios

  • Alt. Public Broadcasting Station

  • Low Pwr FM Radio/HDTV Stations

  • 2,000 SF Art Gallery/Glass Booth

  • 900 SF Retail Gift Shop

  • Safe, Eco-Friendly Parking Garage

  • 3,000 SF Food Agri-thermosphere

We will offer after-school HELP (Hands-on Experiential Learning Programs) for students desiring to expand in Visual And Performing Arts – VAPA, a California state framework, coupled with our development of Kidcentric Curricula®, gives students a very unique educational experience.

The after-school HELP will span these diverse fields of study:Model w-Volunteer

  • STEAM Research & Development

  • The Arts / Music / Mathematics

  • Visual/Digital Arts /Performing Arts

  • Radio Frequencies / RF Energy

  • Photonics / Lighting / Lasers

  • Prop Design & Production

  • HD / Film / DVD Production

  • Audio Mastering & Production

  • Land & Facilities Management

  • Human Relations & Tourism


The proposed 1ARC ePark Place is planned for construction in North County San Diego, minutes from State Highway 78. The nearest cities are Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos and Escondido. There are approximately 48,000 students in these cities, and over 125,000 students within 30 minutes from the planned location.