Brian Neubauer

binerman1Brian Neubauer, aka “Biner”, joined the 1ARC family in 2004. He has many gifts and talents including painting, modeling, and set design & construction. He also designs and creates costumes and has used his talents in many TV and film projects; recently the “Pioneers of Television” series on Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

Biner continues to use his gifts to help further the future vision of Al Sanchez and the 1ARC organization. Biner has built a concept model of the future ARCePark and is currently working on other project models for presentation.

Biner currently resides in Wisconsin and works diligently to research and promote renewable, free-energy technology. Brian will be pursuing leadership roles in politics and business in the near future to help 1ARC influence a revolution in free-energy needs for all humanity.

Biner’s website is: